進行論文發表者須於投稿截止日(9/8)前完成線上投稿 (投稿摘要請以英文撰寫)

Oral and Poster Competitions
The submission should be completed by 8th Sep and the competitors should completed their registration and payment by 8th Sep.
The order of oral presentation and the poster number will be informed by email after the review process been completed.

► 口頭論文競賽發表時段為10/8 14:20-15:2015:40-16:40。發表順序依投稿先後排序。
► 發表人請於報到時將投影片(以Power Point製作並存放於USB隨身碟),交付現場服務人員存放於電腦中,並試播是否正常顯示(建議您於雲端進行備份,以防現場USB隨身碟發生存取異常時可下載替換)。現場備有筆記型電腦(Windows系統,使用USB插槽)、投影機、雷射筆及麥克風,如有其他發表設備需求,請於3天前(10/5前)與學會接洽。
► 發表人請於session開始前30分鐘到達。每位口頭報告時間為15分鐘(含報告12分鐘與提問時間2分鐘,並預留1分鐘換場),以英文報告。報告12分鐘內,將會在第9與第11分鐘時,各響鈴提示一次;提問時間於第14分鐘響鈴結束討論。

Oral Competition Presentation
► The Oral Competition Presentation will be divided into 2 sessions (14:20-15:20 and 15:40-16:40).
► To keep the tight schedule on track, please provide your slide (in Power Point format in USB) when you register in the morning. Please also check if the slide works well in the laptop provided which will be used in the Oral Competition Presentation Session. We highly recommend that you could have a backup copy in cloud storage that you could have a quick download replacement if the USB does not work properly.
► Please arrive 30 mins before your session begins. The presentation should be in English. Each presentation is allocated 15 mins, including 12 mins for presenting, 2 mins for Q&A, and 1 min for speaker transition. One of the staff members will ring a bell to let you know the remaining time. (The first bell: 3 mins left; the second bell: 1 min left). The Q&A will be terminated at the 14th min.

► 海報論文競賽張貼時段為10/8 14:20-16:40。海報規格80cm x 120cm (寬x長,直式)。會議當日報到後,請找到自己的海報編號板進行張貼,海報張貼最晚需於12:00前完成
► 海報編號依投稿先後排序。編號單號之論文發表時段為14:20-15:20,編號雙號之論文發表時段為15:40-16:40,請發表人於各自的論文發表時段在海報前就位,以接受評審及與會者提問。

Poster Competition Presentation
► The Poster Competition Presentation will be held at 14:20-16:40 on 8th Oct. Please set up your poster according to your Poster No by 12:00. The maximum poster dimensions are 80 cm wide x 120 cm long.
► If your Poster No. is odd number, please present your poster to the reviewers and the audiences at 14:20-15:20. If your Poster No. is even number, please resent your poster to the reviewers and the audiences at 15:40-16:40. Please get ready for presentation by your poster during your presentation slot.

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所有得獎者將於 10/9 閉幕典禮頒獎。


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