NEWS  2024/05/28

大會專案早鳥優惠房價至 6月3日 止(限時限量),後續訂房優惠調整為飯店浮動房價之85折,敬請把握機會!!
專案訂房連結請參見 Accommodation 

The Early Bird accommodation price will be ended on June 3. Please take the last chance to reserve your accommodation!!
After that, the attendees will have the special price of 15% off based on the regular accommodation price.
Please find the details in the Accommodation.

  NEWS  2024/05/28

會議註冊 將延長至 6/3(一) ! 
會議註冊相關訊息請參見 Registration 

The Registration has also been extended to June 3
Please find the details in the Registration.

  NEWS  2024/05/16

恭喜今年度的得獎會員 !!
獲獎人將於 6/28 國際研討會之「Award Ceremony & Award Honor Speech學會年度獎項頒獎」接受頒獎表揚並發表演講。

We are delegated to announce the TNS awardees this year !
The annual awardees will give us their Award Honor Speech after the Award Ceremony in the conference on Jun 28.

  NEWS  2024/04/09

由於4月3日會議地點花蓮發生強震,在籌備委員們審慎的考量後決議將會議地點從花蓮遠雄悅來大飯店改至 台南遠東香格里拉國際大飯店 。不過明年度2025的會議將再回到花蓮遠雄悅來大飯店舉行,一起支持花蓮 !

原訂 會議日期及議程維持原樣 無異動。

感謝您對本學會的支持與鼓勵,謝謝您 !!

Due to the violent earthquake last week, there are some safety concerns raised. After serious discussions, the committees decided to change the Venue from the Farglory Hotel, Hualien to the Shangri-La Far Eastern, Tainan (also a five-star hotel). To show our support for Hualien, we have decided to hold the 2025 International Conference of Taiwan Nanomedicine Society back to Farglory Hotel, Hualien next year.

The schedule of the conference this year will be kept totally the same.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.
Much appreciated.

  NEWS  2024/02/20